Let°«s view the dynamic whirlpools from 45M above the sea!
°°°»Uzu-no-michi°…is the ocean promenade that has been constructed along the girders of the Ohnaruto Bridge. You can experience the thrilling view through the glass floors of our promenade 45-meter above the sea.
Observation gallery
The observation gallery provides a full 360-degree view, which is located at the end of the promenade, 450 meters from the abutment. Once you look directly down on the sea through the glass floor, you can feel the roaring whirlpools and strong tides. You must be impressed by the magnificent view of the Pacific Ocean and the Seto Inland Sea.

You can enjoy the great view of the Naruto Straits along the promenade. Also, we have four glass- floor spots on the way to the observation gallery. You can see the rapid currents through them. Both sides of the promenade are welded wire mesh fences in order to reduce the influence on the Ohnaruto Bridge itself. Four rest stations are provided between the entrance and the observation gallery.

Live Image
The live image of the present whirlpools is provided on a big screen in the entrance hall.

Audio guidance
The audio guide players are available for lending, free of charge.
The players explain the mechanism of whirlpools and the Ohnaruto Bridge in Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean.

Feel the power of whirlpools at °»Eddy°…!
°»Eddy°…is a museum of whirlpools which is located only 3-minute walk from Uzu-no-michi. It has a lot of attractions and screen images that show the mechanism of whirlpools and its hidden secrets. Also, at the rooftop, you can enjoy the magnificent scenery created by whirlpools and the Naruto Straits.
Whirlpool Theater
Whirlpools in spring are the biggest and the most beautiful of all. Our exciting theater shows roaring whirlpools filmed in spring and those underwater on the 270-inch screen.

Adventure Simulator °»Uzu-maru°…
Flying submarine °»Uzu-maru°…is a simulation vehicle. Its body shifts both up and down, left and right along with the images of whirlpools seen from underwater and the Naruto Straits seen from the sky. Don°«t miss the chance to get on our adventurous vehicle!

Let°«s catch fish in Naruto!
The Naruto Straits is famous for fishing place; various kinds of fish are living. Please enjoy our fishing game with changing its bait, and learn the ecology of fish as well as their names. You can feel a real touch when you catch them! How many fish are you going to catch!?

Go over the Ohnaruto Bridge by bicycle
Enjoy the experience of the bicycle simulator!
You will be thrilled with this virtual adventure as if you are really going over the bridge. Images on the screen in front of you change as you pedal your bicycle. If you can reach a goal in precisely 2 minutes, your name will be recorded on the panel as a merit award.

Mini-mini aquarium
You can see various kinds of fish living in the Naruto Straits. Also, you can touch seasonal varieties of fish and shellfish in the touching pool.

Panoramic view land
You can enjoy the magnificent view around Naruto Park, the Naruto Straits and the Ohnaruto Bridge. On a sunny day, you can even see the Pacific Ocean side of Wakayama prefecture as well as Shodo Island in the Inland sea.